Global Threat Assessment 2023 - WeProtect Global Alliance

Global Threat Assessment 2023 - WeProtect Global Alliance

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WeProtect Global Alliance has published its latest report, assessing the scale and scope of child sexual exploitation and abuse online.

The report finds that child sexual abuse material (CSAM) reports have increased by 87% since 2019, with new threats such as AI-generated imagery increasing the urgent need for more investment in public health approaches, prevention and globally aligned legislation.

32 million reports of child sexual abuse material analysed in 2022
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
360% increase in ‘self-generated’ sexual imagery of 7-10 year olds from 2020 to 2022
Internet Watch Foundation
60% of cases of online abuse involved a perpetrator likely known to the child
Disrupting Harm

Urgent calls to action

The evidence presented in the report clearly demonstrates an increase in children being subjected to sexual exploitation and abuse online and in increasingly varied and complex forms.

To prevent more children from coming to harm, governments, online service providers, civil society organisations and all responders are urgently asked to:

  1. Invest more in public health approaches, prioritising prevention
  2. Centre children’s rights and perspectives in designing interventions
  3. Implement globally aligned legislation

The full report offers a comprehensive and sobering insight into the dangers young people face online and what must be done to improve the protection offered to vulnerable users online.

Read the full report here.