Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) release 2022 Annual Report

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) release 2022 Annual Report

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The IWF have released their 2022 Annual Report revealing a deep dive into the digital and social emergency happening #BehindTheScreens, in children’s bedrooms.

“Invite child abuse pyramid” or ICAP sites incentivise users to share links to criminal content in a “scattergun” approach which spams links to a variety of social media platforms.
Links to these sites could be anywhere; social media, chat sites, almost anywhere people can post links. More than 98% of them confirmed to contain some of the worst abuse our analysts see.
“It is an easy way for criminals to spread this material and it is a profitable model for them. They are making a quick buck off horrific imagery which is visible as soon as you visit the page. You don’t even need to log in.”

"These are real children, and the suffering inflicted on them is unimaginable. They are being raped, and subjected to sexual torture, and criminals are making money off the back of that."

Susie Hargreaves OBE, IWF CEO

View the full web version of the report here or download the full PDF report here