Senate hearing over online harms

Senate hearing over online harms

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“Speaking as someone who has been heavily involved in similar hearings related to online safety, they are invaluable in raising awareness on important topics. However, rather than pointing fingers now is the time to act and implement pragmatic solutions to solve the issue of how we best protect children online.

Tech firms have long been criticised for exposing people, including children, to age restricted, harmful or illegal content. Distressing imagery has included graphic Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). 

These organisations must ensure they have robust content moderation technology in place which can identify and remove such material before it is published. At the same time, they must invest in age assurance technologies to ensure those accessing their platforms are the correct age and only see age-appropriate content.

Businesses should be engaging and partnering with subject matter experts in this area - including regulators and safety tech providers. This way we can build an ecosystem of effective solutions that when implemented truly provide protection to young people when they go online.”

Lina Ghazal, Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs, VerifyMy