ASACP name VerifyMy as one of its valued Featured Sponsors for December 2022

ASACP name VerifyMy as one of its valued Featured Sponsors for December 2022

VerifyMy, the Google for Startups-backed safety-tech provider, has a mission to make the Internet a safer place via their VerifyMyAge and VerifyMyContent safety-tech solutions designed to deliver the best consumer experience without compromising the needs of the business.

VerifyMyAge is a global leader in age assurance technology, safeguarding children by providing frictionless and secure age verification and age estimation solutions for online products and services.

VerifyMyContent enables user-generated content platforms to provide a safe environment for creators, participants, and consumers of audiovisual content by utilising a complex ecosystem of technologies to prohibit the publication of harmful and/or illegal content.

"As an industry-leading safety tech provider, VerifyMy has undertaken many projects and entered into multiple partnerships to provide financial support, technical advice, and coordinate global lobbying efforts," said Gavin Worrall, VP of Global Strategic Partnerships. "The work conducted by ASACP fits well with our mission to help make the internet safer for children."

VerifyMy recently entered into a partnership with the Internet Watch Foundation, providing VerifyMy with access to the IWF's Keywords List, a unique list of words, phrases, and codes offenders may use to conceal child sexual abuse imagery on legitimate networks and platforms.

Susie Hargreaves OBE, Chief Executive of the IWF, said: "Partnering with organisations like VerifyMy is vital in our mission to protect children online.

"By sharing our expertise and valuable data lists, we can help stop internet predators from sharing and distributing images and footage of child sexual abuse material. Knowing this material is still being passed around online can devastate victims and prevent them from ever fully recovering from their abuse."

"We are pleased to be part of the solution," Worrall added, "and look forward to helping members of the association and the wider adult community."